i need your help.

actually, the world needs your help. kids in nepal, women in india, farmers in columbia. we all know this, but what can we really do to help?

as most of you know, i spent some time in nepal back in 2011. shortly after arriving in kathmandu, found myself at an orphanage providing a home for twelve amazing boys. five weeks later, i returned home changed. i saw how spending time with those less fortunate can result in such a positive change and how generous donations from friends and family back home bought them food, clothing, and education. my trip left me with a feeling of wanting to do more, and after two years of enormous personal growth, i’ve decided it’s time.

later this fall, i’m planning to return to nepal and reconnect with the boys at the orphanage. from there, i hope to continue traveling through india and SE asia, working with people and communities in need of help. while i’m going to let the road lead me through the trip, i’ll try to update everyone with my travel plans as they become known.

here’s where you come in. i’ve started a Go Fund Me page, and hope to get 750 people to donate just $10 each. 100% of the money raised will go towards helping those who need the help, and all personal expenses will be paid for out of my own pocket. if you want to give more, fantastic! if you can only give less, that’s great too. i’ll be honest – those who know me know i’m uncomfortable asking for money. but i also realize that positive change often comes from doing something out of your comfort zone. and helping those in need of such basic necessities is so much more important than me feeling uncomfortable asking people for $10. it really is.

help if you wish to, spread the word if you will, and together lets make a change. i realize leaving this fall is still a long ways out, but the more time people have to donate and spread the word, the better.


if you’d like to learn more about my first trip to nepal, you can do so by selecting ‘nepal’ in the category drop down menu at the bottom of this page. it should give you an idea of what i’ll be doing throughout my future travels.

Published by septastic

i'm sep, a 35 year old photographer / volunteer / storyteller / traveler / nice guy living in rural Wisconsin.

3 thoughts on “i need your help.

  1. Damn dude, I checked your blog yesterday morning and nothing….then you post something awesomely huge and fantastic! I’m behind you 100% and will be planning a fundraiser to help out over the summer. You are amazing. Thank you for being you.

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