things i know (that stoob and dad taught me)

a few nights ago at work, i found myself in a conversation with a younger fellow who told me he recently lost his dad. what was great about it was this: when remembering his dad, he focused solely on the great memories of him. he talked about the fishing trips they took, how his dadContinue reading “things i know (that stoob and dad taught me)”

“why are you running?”

this was the question a small girl sitting on her front porch asked me as i ran past her house during the third run of a run/bike/run/bike/run workout i did this past weekend. very good question, i thought to myself as i ran away into the dwindling daylight nearly four hours into my training session.Continue reading ““why are you running?””

inside the actors studio

i stumbled across a clip of inside the actors studio a few days ago and immediately remembered how much i enjoyed watching the show. if you haven’t seen it, i highly recommend catching an episode or two with your favorite actors/actresses. towards the end of each program, host James Lipton asks his guest the sameContinue reading “inside the actors studio”