Sanibel Island


May 21st marked the end of another long semester of nursing school and with summer classes starting less than two weeks after, Stell and I hoped a quick flight down to Sanibel Island in (gulp) Florida to unwind for a few days.  We dodged tropical storm Alberto – muchas gracias for heading out to the gulf amigo – and got a few days of much needed rest.  I only took this one picture the whole time there, primarily to be able to write this post to remind myself that I don’t need to fly endless hours to some foreign land every time I feel the need to travel.  The States has some pretty awesome spots to explore, and this one ranks right up there with the best.

Eze, St. Paul de Vence, and a bit more Nice.

In this post: Exploring the medieval towns of Eze and St. Paul de Vence, and one last stroll though Nice.

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Antibes and Monaco

In this post:  A windy and rainy day in Antibes and a quick stroll through Monaco-Villa, Monaco.

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Nice, France

In this post: A few things that caught our eye in Nice, France.

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Venice, Italy

In this post: Getting lost in the amazing streets of Venice.GA7A9287GA7A9201GA7A9305GA7A9342GA7A9335GA7A9349GA7A9371GA7A8986GA7A9005GA7A9009GA7A9035GA7A9063GA7A9416GA7A9072GA7A9300GA7A9214GA7A9085GA7A9100GA7A9122GA7A9132IMG_3082GA7A9311GA7A9284GA7A9136GA7A9169GA7A9190GA7A9229GA7A9056GA7A9240IMG_3100GA7A9244GA7A9254GA7A9262GA7A9270-EditGA7A9275GA7A9411GA7A9426GA7A9456GA7A9459IMG_3097IMG_3085GA7A9444GA7A9237

Florence, Italy

In this post: Exploring Florence, people watching, seeing the Tuscan countryside on Vespas with the wind in our hair, and a wonderful lunch at a private villa. GA7A8598-EditGA7A8603-EditGA7A8616GA7A8617GA7A8626GA7A8638GA7A8649GA7A8651GA7A8653GA7A8664GA7A8668-EditGA7A8671GA7A8679GA7A8683GA7A8692GA7A8717GA7A8718GA7A8724GA7A8730GA7A8732GA7A8737GA7A8782GA7A8807GA7A8814GA7A8817GA7A8821-EditGA7A8828GA7A8853GA7A8870GA7A8873