i need your help.

actually, the world needs your help. kids in nepal, women in india, farmers in columbia. we all know this, but what can we really do to help? as most of you know, i spent some time in nepal back in 2011. shortly after arriving in kathmandu, found myself at an orphanage providing a home for twelve amazing boys. five weeks later, i returned home…

people at a concert

so i think i found my new hobby – i’m having a blast making these. last night i went to the 400 block concert which was my first ever. sad, seeing i literally live one block away. i listened to a really good band, and because it takes about 20 minutes worth of shooting to make each four to eight second timelapse clip, i…


stupid, stupid me. i totally spaced setting my camera focus to manual before i got to shooting the 3,660 pictures that made this clip, which resulted in the jittery picture throughout. DANG! and those with eagle eyes out there will also spot the 20 minutes of data lost due to a bum CF card. so while i’m not happy with the final outcome and…

bigger and better?

i quit my job today. while i’d like to say it played out like a scene in the movies with me saying something super clever, grabbing my plant and coffee mug, and stomping out the door with my head held high, it wasn’t. sure there were enough reasons to justify me doing so, but there were also plenty of things that made leaving bittersweet….

well done Coke

now can you please do something about those BPA bottles?

time lapse amazingness

i’m always amazed at people who create such wonderful ways to spend 3:54.