hello and welcome.  throughout this blog, you’ll find posts of my latest thoughts, pictures, and travels. i hope you enjoy following along.

i’m a 40+ year old living in rural america. when i’m not hopelessly trying to learn the guitar, i enjoy taking a picture or two, hearing a good story, getting lost in some remote part of the world, and helping others. i have no idea what i want to do when i grow up, and i’m ok with that. over the years, i’ve worked as a barista, a groundskeeper, a parole officer, a pharmaceutical compounder, a ski shop bum, and a sign installer.  i’m currently working as an ICU nurse, and for the past year have been working with COVID positive patients.  in addition to seeing way too many patients die there, i’ve recently lost my father and brother to cancer as well.  fair warning: i’m angry a lot lately, and some of my writings here may reflect that. the past few years have totally reshaped who i am, and if i’m honest, it’s not all for the better.

i have a wonderful, supportive family and an incredibly understanding wife who absolutely get me through.  i’ve transitioned into the wearing the same outfit for several days phase in my life, i still double space after a period while typing, and we just welcomed our first child into our home. oh, and recently i started eating veggies for the first time in my life. they’re ok.

want to say hello? i’d love to hear from you. i can be found at

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