hello and welcome.  throughout this blog, you’ll find posts of my latest thoughts, pictures, and travels. i hope you enjoy following along.

i’m a 40+ year old living in rural america.  for the past eight years i’ve been married to a great gal, and together we have a young daughter maeve.  my time is spent making photographs, playing the guitar, and buying/selling antique goods.  after a long and varied career path, i’m currently working as an RN.  spoiler alert: it’s not great.

my dream: small farmhouse on a few acres of quiet land and where i can raise my daughter away from the madness.  there, Rach has a studio to sew, throw some clay, and create.  maeve will play with our pup jadie in the lawn, and i can start to heal from these past few years.

want to say hello? i’d love to hear from you. i can be found at

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