hello and welcome.  throughout this blog, you’ll find posts of my latest thoughts, pictures*, and travels. i hope you enjoy following along.

i’m a 39 year old living in rural america. when i’m not busting my ass training for triathlon season, i enjoy taking a picture or two, hearing a good story, getting lost in some remote part of the world, and helping others. i have no idea what i want to do when i grow up, and i’m ok with that. over the years, i’ve worked as a barista, a groundskeeper, a parole officer, a pharmaceutical compounder, a ski shop bum, and a sign installer.  soon, i’ll be graduating with a degree in nursing which will likely hold me over for a few years until i find something new that sparks my interest.  i have a wonderful, supportive family that makes leaving home both extremely difficult and easy at the same time, and currently i’m sporting a pretty darn good beard. oh, and recently i started eating veggies for the first time in my life. they’re ok.

*update! i semi-recently married the best gal in the whole world, so you’ll be seeing a lot more about her around these parts (including her pictures while on travels). don’t worry – i have a feeling you’ll like her just fine.

want to say hello? i’d love to hear from you. i can be found at

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