Ironman Wisconsin race report

sunday started like every other race morning has for me this season.  sort of.  up really early, making pancakes while still half asleep.  although this time, it was 3:45am and i was cooking them on a hot plate in a hotel.  still, they tasted amazing like they always do, and after double checking my morningContinue reading “Ironman Wisconsin race report”

Woodson YMCA Triathlon Race Report

prior to this race, my coach gave me one race goal: RACE HARD!  and that’s exactly what I did. since the event was right across town, i was able to sleep in until 5:00am race morning. after a breakfast of homemade pancakes, i drove to Sunnyvale Park, found my primo spot in the transition area,Continue reading “Woodson YMCA Triathlon Race Report”

“why are you running?”

this was the question a small girl sitting on her front porch asked me as i ran past her house during the third run of a run/bike/run/bike/run workout i did this past weekend. very good question, i thought to myself as i ran away into the dwindling daylight nearly four hours into my training session.Continue reading ““why are you running?””