Oregon – Day 8

in this post: downtown Portland, the Pearl District, and NW 23rd Avenue.

Oregon – Day 7

in this post: driving through the desert near the city of Maupin, downtown Hood River, the fish hatchery at Bonneville Dam, the hike to Wahcella Falls, and Multnomah Falls. 

Oregon – Day 6

in this post: a day exploring downtown bend       

Oregon – Day 5

in this post: a night spent in a historic hotel, Mill Creek Falls, Crater Lake in the fog and snow, a magical walk to Toketee Falls, the reward at the end of that walk, and a soak in Umpqua Hot Springs. (and in case you’re wondering where pictures of Crater Lake are, it was literally hidden in the fog. next trip i suppose…)

Oregon (and California) – Day 4

in this post: a morning stroll through Redwood National Park and an afternoon in Ashland, Oregon finding nifty things in great little shops.   

Oregon (and California) – Day 3

in this post: The Pancake Mill, Bradon Beach, Redwood National Forest.