Venice, Italy

In this post: Getting lost in the amazing streets of Venice.

Florence, Italy

In this post: Exploring Florence, people watching, seeing the Tuscan countryside on Vespas with the wind in our hair, and a wonderful lunch at a private villa. 

Rome, Italy

In this post: Lots of wandering the streets of Rome, the Colosseum, Roman Forum, the best little cafe, the Pantheon, amazing churches, gelato, and the Vatican Museum.

was it worth it?

hell yes. traveling always is, and i really can’t say i ever regretted a trip. i saw so many amazing things, chatted with some really great people, and lived outside my comfort zone for a few weeks – something i always enjoy. in the 14 days we were on the road, we traveled through 12 countries. not so shabby if i do say so…

what you didn’t see

like i did on our Vietnam blog, i thought it would be fun to put together a slideshow of Bob and i throughout the trip just being us. i also threw in some pictures of where we stayed (and one of Bob’s many disgusting meals). at the bottom, i had to include a sample of one of the many intellectual conversations we had while…

my ho-hum Autobahn experience

last night i realized that a portion of our drive today from Slovakia to Slovenia would be on the west Autobahn. of course i was excited to get on the road and see what our rental could do!!! turns out the section we were on had a 130 km/h speed limit, but traffic was moving at about 140 to 160 km/h which translates to…