a few days in kathmandu

*i wrote this post about a week ago, but haven’t had good internet until now to upload the photos and post it. so it’s a bit dated, but still good i hope. and tomorrow, i plan to add another post with what we’ve been up to since this post was written (which includes some pretty awesome stuff), so look for that then.

a few days back, my pals Anne and Brenda, along with their friend Corby, flew in from Delhi. we’ve spent the past few days bumming around Kathmandu, and while it’s a neat place to see, it gets old pretty quick. the dust, noise, people – it’s just too much to take day after day. so after checking out a few highlights yesterday, we finally made our way a bit out of the city to Bhaktapur. we were hoping for a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of KTM, and it didn’t disappoint.

called the dunbar square, the heart of Bhaktapur is the old part of town, filled with temples, narrow streets, open squares, etc. and in it, you can find anything from people drying rice, potters throwing pots, venders selling goods, and tourists taking it all in. it was just what we needed to unwind from a few days in chaos.

i’ll let the pictures do the talking of what we saw today, and hope to fill you in a bit more about our plans for the next few days soon. i’m finding the wifi here to be worse than i remember, so posts are likely going to be short and sweet until i get back. we are planning to head out to Pokhara and Chitwan for a few days, so hopefully i’ll be able to find some better wifi there to fill you in on our plans.








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