really? (with this seth, not seth meyers)

i downloaded a new app for my phone called wander. the jest of the app is to meet people around the world, and have them be your “guide” around their city for the week. in return, you act as their “guide” around your city, and in theory, everyone’s happy. sounds simple enough, right?


things i’ve realized since commencement of said app:

– there are assholes in every county.
– there are lazy people in every country.
– there are a ton of people in japan and south korea using iphones.
– and of those tons of people using the app there, NONE of them use the app properly. sure, they love to see what i have to share, and enthusiastically reply with comments like ‘ooohhh, that photo beautiful’ or ‘good luck at job yesterday!!” – but none of them have shared a single picture or word about their world.
– my routine is pretty boring. up at the same time whether i set my alarm or not. out walking to work at the same time, seeing the same cars pass day after day. same sandwich / spaghetti-o / boca taco lunch daily while watching old episodes of the office. same run, bike, or swim workout post work, and i’m off to bed by 9 or so like clockwork.
– my city is visually dull.
– my office is insanely visually dull.
– my apartment isn’t.
– the weather this year has been crazy.

i’ll likely give the app a few more tries, and hope to start meeting people outside asia. i mean, that’s the whole point of it – meeting people from all around the globe and not just from japan and south korea. i’m hoping for a connection in south america or europe. brazil, chile, germany, or france. oooh, france! that would be lovely. i hear they are super friendly towards americans there.

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i'm sep, a 35 year old photographer / volunteer / storyteller / traveler / nice guy living in rural Wisconsin.

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