monday mornings…

this past weekend, i spent a few days with some longtime friends in MPLS. MON morning while eating breakfast, i noticed some fabulous light shining down on the kitchen table. with nothing planned, i had Shannon grab her kids for a few quick photos. what resulted are pictures i think captured the scene perfectly – silliness, joy, sparkling eyes – the things that make children so wonderful. and while not technically perfect by any means, these are some of my favorite pictures i have taken in a long time.

11 Comments on “monday mornings…

  1. You’re a great photographer, your wonderful subjects helped a lot! Fantastic pictures. Love them.

  2. “great shots of the kiddo’s!”
    I love Remy’s hair, how stinkin’ cute. Both kids have fantastic eyes that Sep’s done a great job capturing the mischief and sparkle in.

  3. Thank you so much Sep! I absolutely LOVE these and can’t stop looking at them! Great job!

  4. Thank you Shannon for sharing the pics and thank you to Sep for taking them. I absolutely enjoyed seeing them. Your kids are getting so big. And they are beautiful!!! Love those smiles : )

  5. Loved the pics, the expressions are priceless. Thanks for the awesome job!

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