so longest story ever made short, my goal and plan to run a season of triathlons including Ironman WI is no longer. i was diagnosed with several knee injuries, and after a month of physical therapy, multiple trips to three different doctors, tons of RICE, and a few emotional nights, I made the choice last FRI that my long term health is more important than four races. it was (and still is) a hard pill to swallow – i’ve been planning and training for this season since last SEP. but in the end, i think i’m ok with the choice i had to make. really, i’ll have to be.

needless to say, these past few days have been tough. add that to this past month of work which has been taxing to say the least, and i’m at my limit. my mind is so full of different emotions – anger, sadness, uncertainty, disappointment – i feel like i just need to get away for a bit. in the past, traveling has always been able to rejuvenate me like nothing else can. so tonight i booked a trip to Nepal and will be leaving in about four weeks. while there, I’ll be living and volunteering at an orphanage about 1.5 hours outside Kathmandu. while it might not sound “rejuvenating” to most readers, it’s exactly what i need right now. it’ll be a challenging and eye-opening trip, but hopefully one filled with joy, personal growth, and learning as well. i’m going alone this time – like i said, i just need to get away for a bit. i’ll likely be blogging the trip like i have in the past, but a heads up that it may come across as a bit more journal like. i don’t mind sharing my thoughts, so hopefully you won’t mind hearing them. and i’ll be making pictures the entire time, so i’ll be sharing those as well.

i fly out MAR 13 and will be gone for about a month. i can honestly say i’ve never meant it more in my whole life than i do now when i say i can’t wait…

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i'm sep, a 35 year old photographer / volunteer / storyteller / traveler / nice guy living in rural Wisconsin.

One thought on “changes

  1. Just read your comments – sorry to hear you had to give up your racing plans. But believe me, artificial knees don’t do justice to the real thing. I’m really proud of you tripping to Nepal to give of yourself to others. Stay safe and i’ll await stories upon your return.

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