Green Bay Olympic Triathlon Race Report

one word can describe this morning’s race: freezing. a quick check of my phone at about 6:00am, one hour before race start, showed 45° with 17mph winds. the windchill? 37 degrees. just yesterday, the weather forecast was predicting temps about 10 to 12 degrees higher, so i neglected to take any cold weather gear –Continue reading “Green Bay Olympic Triathlon Race Report”

paper discovery duathlon race report

this morning’s race officially started my 2013 race season, and i’m pleased to report it started on a good note. my team member Mike and i headed to neenah yesterday afternoon, and we were happy to find our hotel was a two minute ride to the race site. this made getting down to the transitionContinue reading “paper discovery duathlon race report”

ride a bike for good health certain death

it’s a scenario that happens during nearly all my bike rides, but it shouldn’t. and while it usually is a bit unnerving, today was different. today i thought i could have been killed. it goes like this: car is approaching in the oncoming lane, i’m riding my bike in the opposite lane right near theContinue reading “ride a bike for good health certain death”

aspirus YMCA duathlon race report

i raced the aspirus Y duathlon this past SAT. while i’m not really focusing my current training on short course stuff (but rather ironman WI later this fall), i figured why not? it was a ten minute drive away, the entrance fee was pretty inexpensive, and racing sure beats my usual SAT morning four plusContinue reading “aspirus YMCA duathlon race report”