we’re here. and it’s beautiful.

this me expressing my excitement about not being at work, being off those four flights, not getting a crap rental car, and being in a strange new place. getting here went pretty well, and our flights went alright except for the last – we landed in Vienna around 11:45am after our flight was late leavingContinue reading “we’re here. and it’s beautiful.”

Montenegro and Bosnia and Croatia and Slovenia, oh my!

On 09-28-10, I’m heading off on another adventure.  My pal Bob and I are flying out of CWA to Pogdorica, Montenegro and we’ll make our way up the Adriatic coast through Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia.  Like Vietnam, we have nothing planned (I think that’s the best way really…)  All we know for sure is that we needContinue reading “Montenegro and Bosnia and Croatia and Slovenia, oh my!”