our wedding

from the start, stell and i wanted the same thing: a quiet and relaxing outdoor wedding shared with our closest family and friends. it also had to be personal; store bought decor and hired wedding planners just didn’t seem right to us. so with only a couple months to pull it all together, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work making, gathering, designing, and organizing all the things we felt would make our day perfect. while we knew it would be a ton of work, we knew it’d be worth it (let me pause to give a huge thank you to our family and friends for lending their help along the way). and in the end, it was. our wonderful friend married us under an arbor i build from sticks collected in the surrounding woods. our vows, our own. my necktie? handmade by stell. our invitations? hand typed and painted with help from stell’s matron of honor.  all flowers, including the bouquets and boutonnieres, were purchased from local farmers and arranged by us. bottles, wooden crates, hand sewn napkins, wooden chairs – all collected in the weeks before. stell’s aunt drove over 2,000 miles from california to bake the most delicious wedding cakes, and it all happened in the backyard of the most gracious hosts – my brother and his wife.

i could go on for hours with all the details that made it such a memorable day, but i feel our photographer mae did such a spot on job documenting every last one of them. i’ll let her pictures below and in our slideshow tell the rest of our story.

Sep and Rachel-010-1Sep and Rachel-020stell1Sep and Rachel-051Sep and Rachel-062Sep and Rachel-078Sep and Rachel-084Sep and Rachel-091Sep and Rachel-096Sep and Rachel-124stell2Sep and Rachel-115Sep and Rachel-118Sep and Rachel-128Sep and Rachel-133Sep and Rachel-001Sep and Rachel-005stell3Sep and Rachel-292Sep and Rachel-138Sep and Rachel-146Sep and Rachel-158Sep and Rachel-181Sep and Rachel-210Sep and Rachel-259stell5Sep and Rachel-237stell6Sep and Rachel-232stell7Sep and Rachel-276stell4Sep and Rachel-350stell8Sep and Rachel-445Sep and Rachel-450Sep and Rachel-458Sep and Rachel-460Sep and Rachel-468Sep and Rachel-485stell9Sep and Rachel-543Sep and Rachel-545Sep and Rachel-551Sep and Rachel-555Sep and Rachel-560Sep and Rachel-562Sep and Rachel-572Sep and Rachel-602Sep and Rachel-622Sep and Rachel-727Sep and Rachel-618Sep and Rachel-636Sep and Rachel-654Sep and Rachel-670Sep and Rachel-696Sep and Rachel-697Sep and Rachel-745Sep and Rachel-782Sep and Rachel-785Sep and Rachel-739Sep and Rachel-788Sep and Rachel-790Sep and Rachel-798

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i'm sep, a 35 year old photographer / volunteer / storyteller / traveler / nice guy living in rural Wisconsin.

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