today we had a picnic

yesterday while in the city, i picked up supplies for PBJ’s, and also stocked up on pringles, animal crackers, oranges, juice boxes, and some cookies. why? today was picnic day! and before you comment on the crap menu for a picnic, ZIP IT! it’s all i could find. we left the house around 1:00 pm, and walked for what seemed like FOREVER up into the surrounding hills. after about an hour, we got to the most beautiful spot where some rocks were stuck out over a ravine, and a stream from up the hill made a waterfall. what was not fun was the fact the rock everyone was hanging out on was sloped downward, only about five meters long, and dropped off about 100 feet. to say it was sketchy would be the biggest understatement of the year. but Goma snipped at the boys if they got too close to the edge, and for about a half hour, we sat and chatted, the boys swam in the water, and i stressed myself out more than i have in years thinking someone was going to fall.

we then walked back down the trail and found a nice spot to eat – everyone loved the PBJ’s, and we made enough for Rabindra and Goma (and Boxer) as well. none of them had ever had peanut butter, and they rarely eat sandwiches, so it was a real treat.

at about 3:30, we headed back home, which was way easier being all downhill the entire way. the sun was amazing, and it was neat to see all the boys so happy with full bellies. the houses were neat to look at along the way as well. Tul found some rare flowers and was happy to tell us all about them. the picture i made of Goma with a handful of them is one of my favorite shots from today.

as you might have guessed, today was a good day. sadly, they all aren’t. some days, the house is just down, and the boys don’t feel like doing much. others you just don’t want to end. tomorrow we’re going into town to get fit for school uniforms – a huge thank you to everyone that made this happen. i’ll be sure to make some pictures to share with you soon.

i’ll leave you with a picture of the view from the rocks we were sitting on by the waterfall. it was pretty amazing.

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i'm sep, a 35 year old photographer / volunteer / storyteller / traveler / nice guy living in rural Wisconsin.

One thought on “today we had a picnic

  1. What an awesome idea to take them on a picnic American style with PB&J’s! I love the picture of the boy tipping back his juice box to get every last drop…kids are the same no matter where they live! I’m glad today was a happy day:)

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