48 hours

even though it was supposed to be an easy day at work, FRI found a way to throw a bit more at me than i would have liked. nature of the job, i guess. but the day ended well, and after a nice dinner with family, i headed home knowing SAT would be a long day. i was up yesterday morning by 6 and on the road to appleton for a photo workshop put on by this rad dude.

the day was just what i hoped it would be. a good refresher on off camera lighting, a look behind the curtain of a working photographer, and most importantly, a good reminder i need to shoot more. loads more. driving home, i kept asking myself why i continue to let work get in the way of something that is so rad? why do i find the time for things i hate to do, but can’t make a few hours to take pictures? hopefully, a studio space is in my near future, and i’ll have no excuses to not shoot. so get ready for a bunch of new images soon, friends.

more info on the workshop here.

so the workshop was cool. the fact my left ear started to act up that morning wasn’t. for whatever reason, pressure began to build in it throughout the day. fearing it may be the start of an infection or illness or whatever, and knowing i was leaving on a plane today, i stopped by the ER on the drive home. this was at 2 am – remember by this point i had been awake for 17 hours. while fortunately the doctor ruled out an infection, water in the ear, or something simple like wax, she offered no insight why my ear was acting up (at this point, it was throbbing). my shit luck as usual.

i got home by 3:45 am thanks to the time change, got my things together, and was off this morning for MPLS to catch my plane. i’m now sitting at o’hare and am glad to say my ear is doing a little better and wasn’t painful during the first flight. in a few hours, i’m off to abu dhabi where i’ll spend the night. by TUE, i’ll be arriving into kathmandu.

Published by septastic

i'm sep, a 35 year old photographer / volunteer / storyteller / traveler / nice guy living in rural Wisconsin.

3 thoughts on “48 hours

  1. I meant to tell you to have a safe trip, but it slipped my mind until now. Please enjoy yourself and come home… Eventually 🙂

  2. Seppy, I’m so glad I got to meet you and work with you this weekend.. I learned so much. You were so kind to take on the newbie, and I really appreciate your patience and wisdom! I’m looking forward to going through your photos on the blog and I hope our paths can cross again someday.

    1. @ christine – totally missed you posted here until today. very nice to meet you as well – and no worries for the tips. we all have to start somewhere.

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