Venice (intro)

after sleeping in a bit longer than we wanted to this morning (we meet a cool Aussie last night and stayed out a bit later than expected), we grabbed a quick bite at the same cafe we ate at yesterday and hit the road towards the north. the drive took about five hours, and the highways here are loads better than what we had all last week in eastern europe. plus, we cruised along at about 130 – 140/km per hour, so we made some serious time.

we pulled into Venice around 4pm, parked our car at a huge ramp right outside the city, and i almost died laughing when we pulled into our spot and saw what section we were in. this is totally an inside joke, but a few of you following along will enjoy this…

after catching the shuttle train that takes you into Venice (ever so creatively named “The People Mover”), we were able to find our hostel for the night with relative ease. we grabbed a quick bite, looked around the area we’re staying in, and are now settling down for the night. i only grabbed a few pictures while walking to dinner, but we are staying here tomorrow night as well, giving us a whole day to explore the town. i’m pretty sure it’ll be super.

look for a new post later tomorow afternoon (your time) with what i hope will be filled with lots of wonderful images of Venice.

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i'm sep, a 35 year old photographer / volunteer / storyteller / traveler / nice guy living in rural Wisconsin.

5 thoughts on “Venice (intro)

  1. A butterfly appearance, nice. 😉

    How amazing to be experiencing what you and Bob are this week. And wonderful photos as usual my friend. Your Italy photos are inspiring me with some living room decor ideas. Simply beautiful.

  2. It is good to see a butterfly in Venice 🙂 What a great trip you are on! It sure is fun to see photos of your trip and read the story behind them! We will see you soon.

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