Serbia cont., Dubrovnik (Croatia), and Bosnia.

when i left you yesterday, i said i’d fill you in with a few photos of our short trip into Serbia. above is the market we stopped at with a really nice clerk. below is some produce at his shop and the scenery just outside the town the store was in – i’m sure you’ll find the countryside way different than you would expect. (i felt the same way)

from there we headed back into Montenegro where we ended up in Podgorica for the night. Bob drove a good part of the way, so I was able to make a few photos along the way. (BTW – the mountains from Serbia to Podgorica were STUNNING!!! best mountain drive of the trip by far.)

after finding our hostel in Podgorica, we headed into the downtown area for a bit to eat. we parked on a main street at about 4:30pm, ate, surfed the interwebs for a bit, and walked back to our car. about halfway down the street i look at Bob, he looked at me, and we both say at the same time, “DUDE, WHERE’S OUR CAR!!” it was gone. nowhere in sight. and after a few seconds of total disbelief and WTF laughing, we called the guy that runs our hostel who was nice enough to drive in and take us to the police station where they towed our car to. €85 later, we were back in business. you can see an example of how they towed our car here. (how ironic that Bob shot that video just a few days ago, right?)

so that brings us to today. we were up and driving by 9:00am on our way to Dubrovnik, Croatia, and sure-as shit, we get flagged over by The Man five minutes outside town! round two with the cops in Podgorica! this time i was driving without my headlights on. (i forgot to point out the no parking sign on the street we got towed was about the size of a note pad, was clear on the other end of the block, and simply said “OD 17:00 – 05:00”- just so you aren’t thinking we are being careless) so we get flagged over, the cop tries to tell me i owe him €30 for the fine, and i work my magic to get out of the fine. WINNER!!!

before reaching Dubrovnik today, we caught a quick ferry ride that was pretty neat. we figured it saved a few minutes off our trip, so that’s always good. plus, the houses around the water were really pretty.

about ten minutes out from Dubrovnik, i noticed how close we were to Bosnia. it took us about a minute to decide that we needed to see if we could find a way in. why not, right? so after a bit of asking around and looking at our GPS, we found the way and about a half an hour later, we were in Bosnia. not wanting to flag ourselves and have the boarder guards think we were up to no good crossing in and out in mere minutes, we decided to stop for a bite to eat. problem was we had no Bosnia Marks (their currency), the area we were in was a ghost town, and we knew no one would speak English. we decided on Resturan Dubrovnik only because it was the only food joint in town, and i ran up to see if they would take plastic. no dice. the owner did say he would take Croatian cash, and having stopped earlier today to get some, we were golden.

to paint you a picture of this place, it was a one room “cafe” of sorts (about 30′ x 25′), dingy, with a group of five Bosnian gentleman at the table next to us engaged in a heated discussion – politics i’m sure. the owner was really nice, but didn’t speak a drop of English. so after no luck trying to charade and draw pictures of what we wanted, i simply got up and followed him into the kitchen (picture a 1970’s residential kitchen) and pointed out what looked good. he laughed, i laughed, and i think the woman cooking thought we were both mad. the food turned out to be really good, and before we left, we got a quick photo with the owner, who again, could probably have told the best stories if not for the language barrier between us.

we got to Dubrovnik by 5, found a hostel in the Old Town area, walked around for an hour or so snapping some photos, ate at an Irish Pub, and are heading to bed shortly. i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on how unbelievably cool it is here. i’ll point out i didn’t like how the photo i made looking down on the whole area turned out, so i instead used it to show you where our room is for tonight. no lie! i also added one Bob shot of me taking that photo. enjoy!

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