I’m registered – Madison 2011


I’ve been shooting like crazy these past few weeks!  Niece, nephew, cousins, friend’s kids, family, you name it.  And this last weekend, A WEDDING!!!  While it was tons of fun, it was without a doubt the most terrifying thing I’ve done in a long time.  Some people like it, I don’t.  That said, I’m so glad I did it.  I’ll be posting up some of my favorites in the next few days…

For now, I hope you enjoy this post.  (Really, how could you not with all these cuties?)


i blogged my time in vietnam here.

pictures of the trip can be found here.


Montenegro and Bosnia and Croatia and Slovenia, oh my!

On 09-28-10, I’m heading off on another adventure.  My pal Bob and I are flying out of CWA to Pogdorica, Montenegro and we’ll make our way up the Adriatic coast through Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia.  Like Vietnam, we have nothing planned (I think that’s the best way really…)  All we know for sure is that we need to be in Ljubljana, Slovenia by the 13th of OCT to catch our flight home.

Sign on and follow along starting SEP 28th if you are interested!

mikey + jessica

a while ago, my pals mikey and jessica asked if i’d take some engagement photos for them.  why not, right?  they are great people and it was loads of fun.  i feel the images capture their creative side and can’t wait for their wedding.  here are some of my favorites from the shoot.