My To Do List


1. backflip into halong bay
2. catch a game at lambeau field
3. get a speeding ticket in foreign country
4. see darwin’s grave at westminster abbey
5. visit a conflict zone
6. offer a moment of silence at auschwitz
7. win a free throw contest
8. grow a real beard
9. afternoon tea at harrod’s
10. get lost in the tokyo subway system
11. wander the streets of kathmandu at 3am
12. drive flat out on the autobahn
13. watch a luau in hawaii
14. run a sub 18:00 5k
15. photograph a wedding
16. rappel down a waterfall
17. people watch at walt disney world
18. live in a haunted house
19. make the 5 o’clock news
20. haggle for souvenirs in a bazaar
21. walk the flooded streets of venice
22. buy a tailor made suit
23. witness a tiger woods fist pump
24. survive an ironman triathlon
25. crawl through the cu chi tunnels
26. ride on top of a bus down a mountain
27. be humbled at arlington cemetery
28. canoe in the mekong river
29. mentor children at an orphanage
30. hike the rice fields of sapa
31. watch a sunset in a caribbean
32. change someone’s life for the better


1. ride a camel in the sahara desert
2. practice yoga in india
3. ride a train into russia
4. learn to play the banjo
5. scuba dive the great barrier reef
6. race the tour divide
7. hike the inca trail to machu picchu
8. teach in a third world county
9. climb to everest base camp
10. hike the camino de santiago
11. give a legit 100% tip
12. enter a photography competition
13. win a photography competition
14. attend an indian wedding
15. heli ski in british columbia
16. live with the nomads of mongolia
17. boat the entire amazon river
18. work on a coffee farm in costa rica
19. swim with whales
20. win the amazing race w/ my brother dil
21. float in the dead sea
22. get an upgrade to first class
23. set foot on all seven continents
24. sleep in a rainforest
25. win the lotto
26. run an ultra marathon
27. rent a water bungalow in bora bora
28. play an alphorn in switzerland
29. whitewater raft the grand canyon
30. wander through petra
31. be an extra in a hollywood blockbuster
32. change more people’s lives for the better

One Comment on “My To Do List

  1. You’ve definitely done #32…and you’ll continue to do so throughout your life.

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